Fork du thème Sam pour Zola. Ajoute la possibilité de marquer des auteurs·trices en français.
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A Simple and Minimalist theme with a focus on typography and content.

Zola port of hugo-theme-sam.



This is a port of the original hugo-theme-sam theme for Hugo (License).

See upstream for source code take from there.


The easiest way to install this theme is to either clone it ...

git clone themes/sam

... or to use it as a submodule.

git submodule add themes/sam

Either way, you will have to enable the theme in your config.toml.

theme = "sam"


See config.toml for an example configuration.


The menu on the index page is created as follows: If the sam_menu variable is set, it gets used.

sam_menu = [
    { text = "posts", link = "/posts" },
    { text = "about", link = "/about" },
    { text = "github", link = "" }

If it is not set, all sections under content will get linked.

Bottom menu

This variable decides wether the menu - as mentioned above - will also be displayed at the bottom of pages.

Default: false

sam_bottom_menu = true


Sets the name for all links referring to the home page in the menus and the 404 page.

Default: home

home = "home"

Date format

Specifies how to display dates. The format is described here.

Default: %a %b %e, %Y

date_format = "%a %b %e, %Y"

Word count and reading time

You can enable or disable word count and reading time for posts across the whole site:

Default: true (both)

show_word_count = true
show_reading_time = true

If enabled, you can opt-out per page via front-matter:

Default: false (both)

hide_word_count = true
hide_reading_time = true

Disable page header

If you want to disable the complete header of a page (for example a page which is explicitly not a post), you can do so via front-matter:

Default: false

no_header = true

To place some text at the end of pages, set the following:

text = "Some footer text."